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Telescopic cylinders with lower trunnions for tippers

  •   Under-body tipping trailer cylinder

Binotto designs and manufactures an extensive range of underbody telescopic cylinders, specifically designed to be light weight, compact and are predominantly for conventional rear tipping applications.

Manufactured from a complete range of tube dimensions, from 1 stage up to 9 stages, the comprehensive Binotto underbody telescopic cylinder catalogue ensures the most appropriate cylinder for each tipping body application and its intended use.



Our standard underbody cylinders fit lower trunnions and top mounting ball and socket (B DWR series) or alternatively lower trunnions and top eye mounting attachment for the tipping body (A DWR series).

Typically designed for tipping trailer applications, the BDWR and A DWR series can also be used for dump truck vehicles and tipping semitrailers.

Binotto's superior manufacturing processes and advanced technologies, combined with our special internal cylinder design, ensures that our products are strong, safe and reliable.
The lower cylinder trunnions are produced by using a special alloy steel to maximize their main mechanical properties, combined with special heat treatment that increases their strenght, ductility and performance by up to 50%

An additional induction hardening process to the lower cylinder trunnion surfaces, the top ball and top eye mounting, increases the superficial hardness by up to 300% for improved resistance to wear and tear.
The top ball as well as the top nut are also induction hardened.


  under body cylinder application
 under body cylinder application
 under body cylinder application
 under body cylinder application

Technical data

DESCRIPTIONSTAGESSTROKE [mm]ØOUTER TUBE [mm]D [mm]D1 [mm]ØE [mm]ØE1 [mm]ØF [mm]F1 [mm]H [mm]H1 [mm]I [mm]Download
  •   Special hardened lower trunnions

    Special hardened lower trunnions

  •   Induction hardened top ball and socket

    Induction hardened top ball and socket

Inside the cylinder


Made by one-pieces seamless steel, with “contact faces” stop-limits directly machined on the tubes, Binotto underbody cylinders are the obvious choice for those operators who are looking for a safe and robust tipping gear.
Machining accuracy and high technology manufacturing processes combined with proven experience and success around the world in the most arduous environments ensure Binotto underbody cylinders unrivalled quality, reliability and performance.

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