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PTOs: Power take-offs for trucks

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Nowadays trucks are used for many different applications as well as for goods transportation (i.e.: tipper, crane, car rescue, firefighting, garbage,…)

All these applications need to run a mechanical device (e.g. hydraulic pump, a compressor or any other moving device) by using the driving power of the vehicle gearbox. The power take-off is the mechanical device connected to gear system of the vehicle destined to pick up its driving power.

Binotto offers an extensive selection of power take-offs to be coupled with the most of the existing gearbox transmissions of the main manufacturers worldwide: mechanical, pneumatic, vacuum controlled and clutch coupling.

PTO can pick up the driving power in 2 ways:

  • Directly (when connected to the side gearbox port)
  • Indirectly (when connected to the back gearbox port) in this case the PTO must be coupled with a special shaft

How to select a PTO

The right power take-offs can be identified and selected for the work load of the application required.

We can group ptos in three main types of applications:

  • Short term workloads - less than 15 mins. (e.g., tipper trucks, hook loaders, vehicle transporters, etc.)
  • Medium workloads - 15< mins., >30 mins. (e.g., cranes, tank trucks, waste collection, tow trucks, etc.)
  • Long term workloads - >30 mins. (e.g., miscellaneous compressors, firefighting vehicles, sewer flushing equipment, pumps for concrete, forestry cranes, etc)

Following information will be necessary for a correct PTO selection:

  • gear box manufacturer
  • gear box model
  • type of application (how many Nm)
  • required performances (if any)


Completed with mounting kit (seals and bolts), PTO can be directly connected to our hydraulic gear or piston pumps (or any other moving mechanism).
For different mounting requirements, auxiliary shafts, cardan shafts and adapter flanges are available.