Why choosing us?

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The reliability and reputation of a high-quality brand name. 

  • Steel producers approved as Binotto suppliers are exclusively premium grade steel manufacturer with high yields point and tensile strenght, using seamless tubes with their verified and certified quality

  • We use exclusively seamless steel tubes with high yield points (RS ≥ 48 kgs/mm2) and tensile strength (R ≥ 65 kgs/mm2)

  • The ‘solid design’ still remains an unsurpassed solution: it is a special Binotto technology, consisting in stop contact faces obtained by machining directly the tube, without any additional clipped or welded component

  • Total absence of stop-limit rings: the stop-limit is obtained directly on the pipe to provide the user with the highest safety when the cylinder is fully open


  • The internal and external ‘rolling’ burnishing process applied to all the stages and the outer tubes allows us to supply unbeatable products, reliable and long-lasting (increasing the seal lifetime)

  • The Binotto tubes are roll hardened for exceptional smoothness. This feature of the tubes combined with special sliders does not allow more than 0,07 mm clearance between the stages, which helps resist side load and bending factors

  • The seal and wiper system is tested and proven to work in the most extreme environments, from the Siberian Steppe to the Saudi deserts

  • Binotto double seal system prevents risks of oil leaking


  • The B3 Technology is an exclusive patented invention of Binotto and it is now a standard feature in all Binotto front-end cylinders

  • The B3 Technology consists in a new upgraded version of the Binotto design, which includes a unique cushion system preventing impacts and vibrations in the system and providing top safety and stability, together with less-maintenance and durability

  • Only with Binotto B3 Technology cylinders can work safely even at high speed

  • Our widespread service network, with top class technical personnel, is prepared to answer to any requests, wherever you are