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Mechanical cab controller

  •   Mechanical cab controller
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    bayonet bottom end

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    thread bottom end

For those vehicles which are not equipped with air supply and for all those devices which need to be mechanically engaged and operated, the Binotto mechanical cab controller is the best, strongest and most comfortable solution to adopt.

With its reduced overall dimensions and ergonomic shape, this remote control is designed to improve the efficiency and operation of the system and suitable for moving mechanisms with relatively high loads, even with a minimal force on the lever.

Typical applications of this type of remote controller are PTO engagement and tipping valve operation (mechanically controlled).


  • From 700mm up to 9000mm length of the cable
  • Body in glass-filled nylon
  • Pressed steel lever with galvanized protection
  • Rack in strenght synthetic compound
  • Reinforced sheath with self-lubricating  antifriction core
  • Available with thread (red sheath) or bayonet attachment (blue sheath).
    Some models also provide blocking function at rest position.

Technical data

TLC#Thread attachmentNot available
TLC#...2Bayonet attachmentNot available
TLCB#Thread attachmentAvailable
TLCB#...2Bayonet attachmentAvailable

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