Front-end telescopic cylinder with top eye and bottom bushing

  •   Front-end telescopic cylinder with top eye and bottom bushing

MF-RO series is a front-end mounted telescopic cylinder, with top eye mounting with a spherical bearing and lower pin mounting complete with a special bushing system. It is specially designed for those vehicles with a front sloping tipping body, where the cylinder is usually slanted when the body is in the rest position (maximum inclination from the vertical: 29°).
Featuring B3 technology, MF-RO series cylinders provide all the benefits of this exclusive Binotto design: it is strong, stable, safe and increases the working life of the system and has a minimal whole life cost.



With a wide range of variants for sizes and lifting capacities from 7 tons up to 100 tons, the Binotto MF-RO series is typically found in South and Central America, suitable to fulfil all tipping requirements for these markets, including heavy duty applications, even at the close-to-the-limit climate conditions, offering the most productive, practical and robust front-end tipping cylinder that has ever been made.


  front end cylinder mining


  front end cylinder quarry


  front end cylinder semitrailer


  front end cylinder special transportation

Special transportation

Technical data

DESCRIPTIONSTAGESSTROKE [mm]D* [mm]H* [mm]ØS [mm]Z [mm]Download
MF_B3 107/3/2055 RO320551054111050.842
MF_B3 107/3/2175 RO321751104116050.842
MF_B3 107/3/2715 RO327151304136050.842
MF_B3 126/3/2175 RO321751129118550.842
MF_B3 126/3/2715 RO327151329138550.842
MF_B3 126/3/3240 RO332401479153550.842
MF_B3 126/3/3840 RO338401679173550.842
MF_B3 145/3/2715 RO327151304136050.842
MF_B3 145/3/3240 RO332401454151050.842
MF_B3 145/3/3390 RO333901504156050.842
MF_B3 145/3/3840 RO338401654171050.842

* including 20 mm pull-out

  •   top eye with spherical bearing

    top eye with spherical bearing

  •   double grease nipple bushing

    double grease nipple bushing

  •   induction hardened bushing

    induction hardened bushing

Unsurpassed design For HIGH PERFORMANCES


With the highest standards of product design, machining accuracy and material quality, Binotto MF-RO front end cylinders offer a unique combination of operating benefits.
All MF-RO Front End Cylinders are manufactured from premium grade steel with high yields point and tensile strenght, using seamless “one piece” tubes with integrated stop-ring contact faces and high performance seals to maximize the product quality.
The 'Roller Burnishing' process adapted by Binotto is applied to each seamless cylinder stage, both inside and outside, increasing the superficial hardness up to 40%.
The Spherical bearing allows 6° swinging from the vertical, allowing the cylinder to accompany the irregular movements of the body during the tipping operation, protecting the cylinder itself and increasing safety and stability.
Double grease nipple system located in the bottom bushing of the lower collar facilitate the lubrication.
The lower collar bushing is also induction hardened for higher superficial resistance, maximizing the wear and tear reduction

Higher safety and stability


Our specially selected high performance seal and wiper system is designed to operate on these particularly hardened surfaces, allowing optimum clearances between cylinder stages (never more than 0.07 mm).
As a consequence, Binotto hydraulic cylinders provide better resistance to side loads and bending factors.

Durability and less maintenance


Very precise tolerances and high machining accuracy make the difference of our cylinders which are designed and produced to provide unsurpassed performances even when working in tough conditions.
The 'Roller Burnishing' process also provide exceptional smoothness on the tube surface ( with a mirror effect as a standard). This is both elegant and functional feature, since it allows long-lasting seals lifetime (up to 3 times longer), reducing the wearing effects on the inner parts.
Also featuring a double seal system, Binotto cylinders reduce at the minimum the risk of oil leaking and, as a consequence, the downtime of the machine.
Binotto also offers a full range of high quality hydraulics components to be coupled together with your MF-RO series cylinder. Select genuine Binotto products for your hydraulic kit, ensuring higher performances, safety and durability.
Proven engineering expertise ensures a safe cylinder selection for your vehicle application: contact the Binotto team

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