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Power-packs and Motor pumps for truck application

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For all those cases when it is not possible to use the PTO of the truck/vehicle to drive a pump and activate any application, then the electric powerpack (or motor pump) is the best solution available.
Motor pumps and power packs source energy from the battery of the vehicle where they are installed and can therefore drive the oil flow and activate hydraulic cylinders (both single or double acting) for many type of applications: tippers, ramps, lifting systems, snow plough blades, …

Power packs are hydraulic power units essentially made up with

  • an electric motor (12 or 24 volt),
  • a gear pump connected to it,
  • an oil tank containing hydraulic oil
  • an aluminum flange as a joint element between the engine/pump unit and the tank itself
  • a remote control device (usually a push 2-button control panel).


Binotto motor pump and power pack selection includes both plastic and steel tank versions.
The most popular versions are for 6, 9 and 12 liters. Bigger oil tank sizes are also available on demand.

Technical data

PPK#AGABC05Powerpack with standard button panel - 12 V - 2000 W3,19
PPK#BGCBC05Powerpack with standard button panel - 24 V - 3000 W3,19
D3340012Powerpack with standard button panel - 12 V - 2000 W3,112
M00175Complete Motor pump with oil tank 24 V - 3000 W3,140
M00170Complete Motor pump with oil tank 24 V - 3000 W4,740
M001765Complete Motor pump with oil tank 12 V - 2000 W3,129
M00176Complete Motor pump with oil tank 24 V - 3000 W3,129