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Pneumatic tipping valves

  •  Pneumatic tipping valves

Binotto telescopic cylinders are supplied with a full range of quality components specially designed and selected to maximize the performance of the complete hydraulic tipping system.

From decades of experience in manufacturing tipping systems for thousands of customers worldwide, the Binotto wide range of tipping control valves (including electrical, mechanical and pneumatic engage tipping valves with different flow rates - up to 250 lts/min) ensures the possibility to fulfill all customers’ requests for any type and any size of vehicle: for light duty tipping vehicles, medium duty and heavy duty.


  • Built –in maximum pressure relief valve to protect the tipping cylinder and the hydraulic system
  • High pressure setting of the relief valve also available (250 bar)
  • No-return valve included for higher safety
  • Proportional control to regulate the lowering speed of the tipping body
  • Cast iron body with nickel plate spool
  • High performance tipping valve (working temperature from -15º up to 110º)

Three way position , compact size, easy to fit, Binotto tipping valves are available with various port configurations (side, top or bottom position) and sizes. They are also designed to be installed directly in our hydraulic tanks for a faster installation and to save mounting space.

With galvanized nodular cast-iron body and nickel plate spool, the Binotto tipping valves are very robust (up to 400 bar) and with very precise tolerances to avoid oil leaking.

They are also safe, thanks to a built-in check valve and adjustable max pressure relief valve.

Designed to be operated with our range of remote controllers, the Binotto tipping valves ensure proportional lowering , meaning that adjusting the lever in different angular positions the modular valve provide different speed at lowering.

Technical data

VR2DK0H1ALMOKX1B11 [DVT#3]Proportional Tipping valve150190PneumaticDirect-015°C / +110°C3/4"TOP3/4"BOTTOM
VR2DK2H1ALMOKX1B11 [DVT#4]Proportional Tipping valve150190PneumaticCartridge-015°C / +110°C3/4"TOP3/4"BOTTOM
VR2DK0H1ALMXMX5B11 [DVT#7]Proportional Tipping valve150190PneumaticDirect-015°C / +110°C3/4"SIDE3/4"BOTTOM
DVT#9Proportional Tipping valve150190PneumaticCartridge-015°C / +110°C3/4"SIDE3/4"BOTTOM
VR2DK0H1ALMXXQ4B11 [DVT#S]Proportional Tipping valve150190PneumaticDirect-015°C / +110°C3/4"TOP1"1/4SIDE
VR2DK2H1ALMXXQ4B11 [DVT#T]Proportional Tipping valve150190PneumaticCartridge-015°C / +110°C3/4"TOP1"1/4SIDE
VR2DK2H2ALMXXQ4B11 [DVT#U]Proportional Tipping valve150190PneumaticCartridge-050°C / +080°C3/4"TOP1"1/4SIDE
VR2DK0K1ANOXXQ4B11 [DVT#Y]Proportional Tipping valve150220PneumaticDirect-015°C / +110°C1"TOP1"1/4SIDE
VR2DK0H1ANOXXQ4B11 [DVT#W]Proportional Tipping valve150190PneumaticDirect-015°C / +110°C1"TOP1"1/4SIDE
VR2DK0D1ANOXXQ4B11 [DVT#R]Proportional Tipping valve150170PneumaticDirect-015°C / +110°C1"TOP1"1/4SIDE
VR2DK2N2ALMXXQ4B11 [DVT#V]Proportional Tipping valve150250PneumaticCartridge-050°C / +080°C3/4"TOP1"1/4SIDE

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