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Binotto is a global leading company operating in the tipping vehicle industry.

5 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants worldwide: 3 in Europe, 1 in Brasil and 1 in China.

Binotto is a prestigious brand highly rated for reliable and superior-quality design of telescopic cylinders and complete hydraulic systems for tipping trucks, trailers and semitrailers, including front-end and under-body telescopic cylinders, wet kits, oil tanks, piston and gear pumps, PTOs and valves.





Operating in more than 150 countries, Binotto is at the forefront of tipping vehicle industry design and innovation. This position comes from decades of industry experience, with thousands of customers operating in different markets, all with unique applications for their vehicles.

As a consequence of such a high specialization in hydraulics for automotive, our R&D Department can rapidly and efficiently assist any customer to design tailor-made solutions for every requirement whether it be for a one-off project or high production volume OEM customers.

At the same time our team of Innovation Engineers plays a fundamental role in keeping our leading position, developing and continuously implementing new products and variations to maximize benefits for our global market.


  • Wide Product Range

    We have an exceptionally wide product range, suited to almost every vehicle type and its intended application.

  • Innovation Engineering

    Binotto has recently designed new products which set new benchmarks in the tipping industry

  • Your Perfect Combination

    Our unique design combined with excellent machining accuracy and long- standing manufacturing expertise makes our products unbeatable.

Quality First!


The Binotto Group has the independence and strength to keep pursuing its long term objectives. These characteristics allow us to continuously improve our products and service, whilst maintaining the quality of our design and production philosophy.

Binotto operates at the highest International Quality Standard (ISO9001) which allows us to meet the demanding requirements of the transportation, construction and heavy duty mining industry. Our customer oriented and quality based cultured staff allows Binotto to offer high-performance and long-lasting products as a standard.


  • Ensure top quality in every single product

    With this purpose the Binotto Quality Control System codes and controls all the production cycle, from product design to distribution, from raw material and basic components selection to final packaging.

  • Keep improving

    with a continuous commitment to high levels of investment into human skills and shop floor technology. Thanks to Binotto in-house production and to the Quality Control System, maximizations and improvements in manufacturing techniques can be quickly implemented to keep our efficient  production process and unbeatable machining accuracy.



Binotto designs, manufactures and distributes a vast quantity and variety of telescopic cylinders, with the widest range in the market for lifting capacity and technical product variations, suited to every type of vehicle and its intended application,  ensuring optimum performance and safety in operation.

For the heavy duty mining industry, quarry, construction, standard and bespoke transportation, Binotto has the widest range of safe, durable and robust solutions to meet all industrial requirements.