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World Premiere at IAA 2018

Discover more about TCLS (Telescopic Cylinder Life Simulator) 



Hannover, Germany – 22nd September 2018. Binotto Group presents the Telescopic Cylinder Life Simulator – TCLS.

After having set the standard in the tipper industry with the B3 design and the Intelligent Tipping Assistant, once again Binotto is the pioneer in its field.

Binotto R&D Department has created a system which goes far beyond the standard idea of a testing machine, in terms of high-technology materials, infinite life components, impressive power, dimensions and capability.

Based on the body and cylinder specifications and the set working parameters, including different axial and side loads, speeds, pressure and stress settings, unloading patterns of all materials, TCLS accurately simulates the real-life operations of a tipping vehicle, andmeasures the effects on the tested cylinder for a virtually unlimited number of cycles, replicating in this way the whole life of the product.

Through its special innovative sensors, TCLS continuously monitors hydraulic cylinders under testing and provides at real-time detailed reports and tables of all the relevant values for each cycle.

All of this gives the tipping body manufacturer extremely valuable information on the performance of the vehicle, particularly for new projects.

Moreover, it is interesting to mention that with TCLS Binotto is now the only company who can perform accurate and incontestable product comparisons; the system can indeed test different cylinders under the same conditions and determine the resistance and performance of the products under comparison without room for error or interpretation.

In addition, all tests carried out with TCLS will be officially certified, finally proving which product is best performing.