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The Truck Times magazine interview


Here below the interview taken by The TruckTimes magazine, during IAA exhibition:

Please briefly introduce Binotto including products

"Binotto is a world leading Group involved in the manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders and systems for tipping solutions, from light, to the heaviest duties. The story of the Group has its roots back right after the Second World War, when the original founder started building telescopic cylinders with the vision of the contemporary industry, which, today, keeps the same visionary look towards the future, from the point of view of technique, but also organization and structure."

What is main product ? and what is advantage & difference from the competitors?

"Our main product and technology is the B3 cylinder, characterized by a unique solid design, without clipped rings, and the patented B3 technology which permits a “cushion effect” in the strokes passages, allowing a much more fast, comfortable and safe tipping operation, compared to the competitors’ systems. Besides this technology, a wider set of prime materials choice, working operations and technical solutions complete de primacy of our product."

What is your estimation for Korea market size?

"We have been investing, together with our business partner Jwon, in order to make Binotto brand popular in Korea and, after years of efforts, today we have reached an important goal being chosen by Scania Korea for a sample kit for a project, which is a very encouraging perspective."

What is your global market share and Korea market share?

"The presence of Binotto Group in the global market goes with its story and group evolution: today Binotto is present and active worldwide, also thanks to many important and reliable partners, several branches and production plants. And the market share goes by and will go by. We look forward to open new paths were we are less active and, of course, to maintain and improve where our primacy is already affirmed."

What is your target for Korea market?

"We do know that Korea is an important market, animated by very important players. Coherently with our global passion and philosophy, our goal is to strengthen our position in this market and see our Binotto cylinders in the streets of Korea."

What support do you provide to Jwon CST, your Korea agent?

"Our philosophy of cooperation is complete: we like to support from technical point of view for sure, cooperating to develop a project in all its details, but also by providing detailed information about our Group structure and productive, technical and human capacity, through our Marketing and Communication Management. Finally, we do support front the point of view of the dealing, thanks to a Group organization, management, market and production analyses which allow us a unique and fine capacity to contextualize and manage in detail every single project and deal. The ambition is, then, to cooperate side by side, step by step, to reach the most satisfactory result, from all the points of view, for all the characters involved."

Do you have any plan to introduce customized product for Korea?

"Our production range is extremely wide, with thousands of variants developed during the years. As said before, we do like to open paths."

Please introduce Company management policy (philosophy) and furture target of Binotto?

"Binotto Group has always been evolving with passion, believing in his own history, know-how and human resources and looking forward to assert itself as a top quality hydraulic cylinders manufacturer global leader. Coherently with this realistic vision, in fact, during the last IAA exhibition in Hannover, we have announced the recent acquisition of the Italian Company Tecno 3, which is specialized in the manufacturing of double-effect hydraulic cylinders.

We open the paths and we walk them."